Friday, June 17, 2016

The AVON business opportunity

When I joined Avon over a year and a half ago, it was my third time to try selling. I admit that with a bit of shame; the first two times I wasn't ready to run a business and I didn't try to learn it like I should have. I was younger then, and really just in it for the discount off my favorite items. And that's ok; we have people join as reps. who really just want the constant discount. Avon is not pushy about how much or how often you sell; our leaders mentor and encourage us, but they get to know us so they'll be on the same page as us about our dreams. ANYWAY, I didn't give it 100% and it fell through.

 Fast forward about 20 years and a family later, and I am back! I re-joined to help pay for some expenses my family had incurred while my husband had been out of work for a few years. I am also a college senior pursuing an ECE degree; I just figured Avon would be some good side money while I work my way through school. I am watching my business grow gradually; it does take some time, and effort. But the results are coming! My team is slowly growing. I have over 100 customers (about 15-20 people order each campaign. at holidays more usually order). I am learning to do fundraisers, and I LIKE it. All of it! I enjoy setting my hours, my schedule. And I think I could really enjoy being a full-time Avon lady.

  What are YOUR reasons for starting a home-based business? What is your "why"? Because we all have one. Ask yourself, "What is MY why?"

Here are just a few of my why's:

1. I'n an introvert by nature. Avon has many opportunities to market myself and sale online, without ever meeting a customer face-to-face. But when I do meet new people, it's on my terms. If I have visited 10 customers with books, and I am ready to retreat back into my shell, I can do that, and visit 10 more the next day. It's up to me.  I don't have to do big vendor events or booths unless I feel up to it....but when I am feeling more outgoing, I hold booths, and yard sales, and even Beauty Bingos!

2. There is REAL money to be made, and I am planning on making at least a part-time income by the year 2018. I have a goal, a dream, and a plan, and the wonderful mentoring of my upline leaders to help me get there. I'll use a mixture of direct sales, leadership opportunities, and fundraisers, and I WILL make it happen through determination, and with God's blessings, and effort. :)  There are ladies in my area who have been with Avon a few years and they sell $20,000 plus a year! And I live in a small rural town. That;s nothing compared to a lot of our reps who have been with Avon a few good years and set their goals high--check out Lisa Wilbur, Emily Seagren, Molly Stone-Bibb, and Lisa Monoson, to name a few. Google them, watch their YouTube videos, their inspiring tales.

3. It's FUN! I enjoy seeing the packages come in, getting to peak at the products. My favorite part is I can be careful with my budget and get my own products for free with my commissions, or at a discount. It's like having a never-ending price break in your own store! I enjoy sorting products, bagging them, and I especially enjoy getting to see the What's New demo book exclusively for reps. It shows upcoming items that you can try first, at a significant savings. The items I buy and demo or wear, can be counted off my taxes too, as marketing supplies! It's a win-win!

4. I set my hours....I can stay up late on Monday's submitting my orders, make deliveries on Thursdays from 3-5, do a little social marketing each morning and evening from my phone, etc. I leave brochures all over town just as I run my daily errands. I usually gain 1 or 2 new customers every two weeks just by doing that.

5. I can help people. I just began my first Avon fundraiser. I have a relative who was injured in a tragic accident where another person was killed. Although she is recovering well, she has been left with extensive medical bills, and through an Avon fundraiser, I am able to give her 40% cash back on any items sold from our exclusive flyers! You can even hold personal fundraisers with Avon, to pay off college books, repair your car, add on to the house, you name it....fundraising with Avon is very easy. I hope to hold at least one a month.

6. My mentors are GREAT! The training Avon university and my mentors give is wonderful. I can listen to pod casts and webinars, and join my district Avon family on Facebook for idea, support, and fellowship.

For the cost of one fast food combo meal for a family of 4, you can launch your own business and make your why a reality! Hope to see you on the Dreamcatchers Team!

Ready to join now? Go to and click on either the "opportunity" tab or the "be-you-tiful" box. Use reference code: beautifulyouboutique to become part of my team!

Lynn Foster

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Put the FUN back into fundraisers with AVON

I have just begun to discover the joy of Avon fundraisers. I am currently holding two with another one set to begin next month.
Avon fundraisers are so simple to hold...and you can get up to 40% of the cash back! When we think of fundraisers we think of doing them only for non-profit groups or for causes, such as a child with cancer or a family who had a house fire...that sort of thing. And while those are wonderful opportunities to assist those in need in your community (and I believe we should help others!), Avon fundraisers can be held for just about ANY need. Have a leaky roof? Hold a personal fundraiser. Need car repairs or dance costumes for your daughter's recital? Hold a fundraiser! Need college book tuition or want to take a family vacation? Have an Avon fundraiser!
I will supply you with glossy flyers of some of Avon's favorite items, and you simply take orders from those flyers. We set a date to close it out, and submit the order. Your group can raise up to 40% of the sales in cash, and there is NO minimum sales!

The prices on the flyers are not inflated; you actually get some really good deals. For example, one of the current flyers is two Avon Bug Guard items for $15. The flyers change every few campaigns so your fundraiser is always offering the latest choices and fresh choices.

 If you'd like to hold a fundraiser, call me today. (931)743-1578 or email