Sunday, June 12, 2016

Put the FUN back into fundraisers with AVON

I have just begun to discover the joy of Avon fundraisers. I am currently holding two with another one set to begin next month.
Avon fundraisers are so simple to hold...and you can get up to 40% of the cash back! When we think of fundraisers we think of doing them only for non-profit groups or for causes, such as a child with cancer or a family who had a house fire...that sort of thing. And while those are wonderful opportunities to assist those in need in your community (and I believe we should help others!), Avon fundraisers can be held for just about ANY need. Have a leaky roof? Hold a personal fundraiser. Need car repairs or dance costumes for your daughter's recital? Hold a fundraiser! Need college book tuition or want to take a family vacation? Have an Avon fundraiser!
I will supply you with glossy flyers of some of Avon's favorite items, and you simply take orders from those flyers. We set a date to close it out, and submit the order. Your group can raise up to 40% of the sales in cash, and there is NO minimum sales!

The prices on the flyers are not inflated; you actually get some really good deals. For example, one of the current flyers is two Avon Bug Guard items for $15. The flyers change every few campaigns so your fundraiser is always offering the latest choices and fresh choices.

 If you'd like to hold a fundraiser, call me today. (931)743-1578 or email