Saturday, June 27, 2015

Beauty Bingo!

As summer rolls on and the grills are smoking, I am inside, gathering ideas for my first-ever Beauty Bingo. I hope I haver a good turnout. It will likely happen this upcoming July in one of the coolest shops in my town...Topz Frozen Yogurt! How else can you beat the heat and have fun? I plan to play a few games in addition to Bingo and give out some nice Avon prizes...perfume, skin care, jewelry, AND fashion. There will be a $5 charge to enter and get one Bingo card. There will be plenty of ways to "win" additional Bingo cards to up one's chances of coming home with some really great STUFF!!! I am excited just thinking about all the fun we'll have (by the way, this ain't your Grandma's Bingo night, but we'll let her in if she can handle the excitement!).

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Freebies and discounts galore! Host an easy-peasy Avon party on Facebook.

If you love Avon products and FREE merchandise, I have an idea for you-hostess an Avon show or party! You may be thinking, "I don't know who to invite...I'd have to clean my house...parties are too much work." But the great thing about 2015 is the ability to hostess your party entirely on Facebook! No cleaning....come in your jammies...and I do ALL the work. ;) I can set you up a FB event for your party/show and all you have to do is invite your friends by tagging them and sharing my posts on your page. It's that easy! I'll start your party with a little presentation and maybe an online game. Then for the next week customers will shop from brochures that we hand out or from my estore and YOU get the credit! **Customers who choose to shop from a brochure will need to pay you or me before I order the products. I'll bag the orders when they come in and deliver them to you. Or customers who shop online can choose to have their orders delivered directly to their door! When the show sales are tallied (before the processing fees/tax are added) you will receive 10% of the sales in FREE or discounted items! My first online FB show gathered $300 in sales and the hostess got $30 free! I'll be happy to help you today. Just email me at or friend request me on FB under Lynn Kilgore-Foster.

Book and Basket Shows

Want an easy way to get some Free Avon? Hold a "Book and Basket" show! I'll put 5-10 demo items in a basket along with some books and order forms. Take this basket to work...let the ladies smell the perfume....try some lotion...see the colors of the makeup...try on the jewelry...and then sit back and watch the orders come in! You can earn between 10%----40% of all show sales before tax/processing fee. Contact me to set up your show today! To hostess email Lynn @ (must be local to Middle TN area).

Be an Avon Helper

I can't be everywhere at once...and you know people that I don't know. I want to grow my business and gain new customers; you like Avon but can't possibly buy, buy, buy all that you want. SOLUTION: become one of my Avon Helpers! I provide you with a contract, a folder with books and samples, and order forms. You take orders from people you know.  I bag and deliver these pre-paid orders to you (I'll total them and get the totals to you so the payments can be ready on your end) and you make a % of the sales in FREE Avon! You can even have your customers order from my estore and you'll get the credit without ANY of the work...customer's items will come straight to them if you choose that method; no need to handle products or money!! That's the easiest way to be an Avon helper. Email me at for more info.

Monday, June 8, 2015

A Beautiful Business

The cost of one fast food meal for a family of 2-4 people....that's what I spent to begin my Avon business. Where else can you be in business for yourself with such a low investment? Who CAN'T make back $15 in profit back for the cost of your starter kit? Avon products have been around a long time; many people are familiar with Avon and I hear people say, "My mom (or grandmother) used Avon." The company has a history; its products are trusted. Don't consider yourself a seller? You don't have to "push" the products on people--Avon literally sells itself! I am an introvert by nature and all I do is leave catalogs at my work, canvas my neighborhood with catalogs, and the orders have begun to roll in. Since I began in january, working this as a less-than-part-time job, I have a customer list of 60 people and regular orders of $300-400 each two week campaign. I post a few times a week about my business or our specials on social media and that is about all. Given more attention to the new representative training courses and taking the time to learn to hostess Facebook shows and host fundraisers, I can see my business growing to a part-time income in as little as a year. I am excited to be part of this company of products I have loved since my teen years. I hope you'll consider taking the journey with me! Blessings from Lynn at Beautiful You Boutique

To sell or find out more, visit me at Click on the "opportunity" tab and enter code beautifulyouboutique when prompted.

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