Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Be an Avon Helper

I can't be everywhere at once...and you know people that I don't know. I want to grow my business and gain new customers; you like Avon but can't possibly buy, buy, buy all that you want. SOLUTION: become one of my Avon Helpers! I provide you with a contract, a folder with books and samples, and order forms. You take orders from people you know.  I bag and deliver these pre-paid orders to you (I'll total them and get the totals to you so the payments can be ready on your end) and you make a % of the sales in FREE Avon! You can even have your customers order from my estore and you'll get the credit without ANY of the work...customer's items will come straight to them if you choose that method; no need to handle products or money!! That's the easiest way to be an Avon helper. Email me at craftymomTN@gmail.com for more info.